World AIDS Day ​2018

This World AIDS DAY 2018, 
EPIC4, in collaboration with CPARG, highlights the work of Canadian healthcare providers and researchers towards an #AIDSFREEGENERATION

In Canada, in 2017…

237 babies whose mothers were living with HIV were born HIV free.

There were zero vertical transmissions where antiretroviral therapy was given to the mother without any interruption.

3660 babies have been born HIV-free to women living with HIV in Canada Since 1997.

89% of children living with HIV are on antiretroviral therapy, and 92% are virally suppressed.

Canadian HIV researchers continue to be active in the study of:
1- the HIV reservoir in children in the search for a CURE (EPIC4)
2- the elimination of vertical transmission of HIV (CPHSP)
3- the effects of in utero exposure to HIV drugs (CARMA)

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