Our team in the news

Optimism for AIDS cure. CTN Vancouver, July 20th 2015 (English)

Hope for future of AIDS. CTV National News, July 20th 2015 (English)

Limited HIV Reservoir in Infants Treated Within 3 Days of Birth. Société internationale sur le SIDA (IAS), October 31st 2014 (English)

Une percée canadienne dans le traitement des bébés atteints du VIH. ICI Radio Canada, October 13th 2014 (French)

HIV resurfaces in Canadian child after break in drug treatment. CTV News, May 3rd 2014 (English)

An AIDS cure for kids? A cautionary tale. The Globe and Mail, May 3rd 2014 (English)

HIV treatment for babies promising, but not yet a ‘cure’: researchers. Global Montreal, May 3rd 2014 (English)

HIV ‘cure’ for babies tested in Canada. CBC News, March 10th 2014 (English)

Canadian infants possibly cured of HIV. Canada AM, March 10th 2014 (English)

Possible percée canadienne pour le traitement des enfants atteints du VIH. ICI Radio Canada, March 8th 2014 (French)

Canadian study to probe early HIV treatment in infants as possible ‘cure’. CTV News, March 7th 2014 (English)

Canadian Medical triumph. CTV National News, March 7th 2014 (English)

How many Canadian children treated? CTV News, March 7th 2014 (English)

Government of Canada and its partners invest in a cure for HIV. Canadian Institutes of Health Research, November 28th 2013 (English)

Le gouvernement du Canada et ses partenaires investissent dans des équipes de recherche sur le VIH. Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada, November 28th 2013 (French)

Canada AIDS Research Gets Ottawa $10.7 Million In Funding. The Huffington Post, November 28th 2013 (English)